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Meet the Staff of Click It Auto & RV Valley

Rowan Boyd - Sales Manager

509-960-8380 - rboyd@clickitautoandrv.com

Chad Griffiths - Sales Manager

509-960-8380 - cgriffiths@clickitautoandrv.com

Chad was one of our top-performing salesmen before his ascent to our management team. With over 10 years of experience in the car sales industry, Chad will help you find exactly the car your family needs. 

Barb Wentz - Office Manager

509-960-8380 - barbw@clickitautoandrv.com

Barb has been our Office Manager here at our Valley Location since our Grand Opening last July. She's been with our company for over 2 years now, and has acquired more than 10+ years of experience in her field. She enjoys camping, gardening, and spending time with her grandchildren. 

Ronell Routon - Corporate Compliance Officer & Operations

509-242-3234 - ronell@clickitrv.com

Ronell began with the company in Marketing. Her ability to organize and manage made her the perfect fit to over see company compliance and operational needs.  You will see Ronell between all of our stores and our sister store Arrotta's Automax & RVs.  She has a great passion for the company and is an asset to our team.  When not working you can find her actively involved with coaching and spending time with her family and friends.

Stephen Yamada - Sales Associate

509-822-2416 - syamada@clickitautoandrv.com

It's our honor to announce Stephen Yamada as Salesman of the Month for August! Click It Auto & RV Valley is proud to congratulate Steve on his 4th Salesman of the Month Award! Come See Steve - he'll get you into the Car, Truck, or RV of your dreams! Call 960-8380 or visit clickitautovalley.com!

August 2017 Salesman of the Month

Chace Epler - Sales Consultant

509-960-8380 - cepler@clickitautoandrv.com

Chase is one our up and coming new Salesmen! Now with us for the last several months, we're proud to have Chase on our team! Chase enjoys his lifted Diesel Truck, and spends time volunteering with his local fire department.

June 2017 Salesman of the Month

Eric Cox - Sales Consultant

509-960-8380 - ecox@clickitautoandrv.com

Eric is our newest sales associate! Eric comes to us from the beautiful Kenai Peninsula in Alaska, which is the largest state in the country. Eric just got engaged and loves hunting, hiking, and climbing and fishing. He's already missing the Alaskan fishing, so if you have any fishing spots you can share with him, he'd really appreciate it! Eric has two dogs, and recently celebrated his 30th birthday. Please help us welcome Eric to our team!

July 2017 Salesman of the Month

Robert Homewood - Sales Consultant

509-960-8380 - rhomewood@clickitautoandrv.com

Robert comes to us from another local dealership in Spokane, and is now 26. He has a 2 year old girl. A Michigan resident for most of his life, he recently moved to Post Falls about 7 years ago. He is very passionate about motorcycles and hotrods, and would be happy to answer your questions about either! Please help us welcome one of our newest sales associates to our team!